Welcome to Only Bamboo, a new business that cares about you, your lifestyle and environment. The era of throw-away living is a threat to all life forms on earth. The devastating effects of plastic pollution can be seen even in the remotest places on earth. So, in order to play some small part in reversing this we are launching our first bamboo-based product.

Only Bamboo is launching our reusable make up wipes.

Our Bamboo-based reusable make up wipes package consists of 20 reusable 100% bamboo make up pads, made up of;

  • 4 pink gentle scrub pads
  • 16 white cleansing pads
  • A laundry bag for cleaning and allowing the re-use of your make up wipes

We believe the simplest solution to plastic pollution is to, reduce, reuse, recycle and repeat.
In future, we will launch more eco-friendly bamboo-based products for the whole family.

We believe that make the change today and switch to sustainable earth-loving bamboo products. We can all make a difference and create a positive future for our planet.


Only Bamboo is delighted to be able to offer a range of attractive bamboo based coffee cups for use when you are on the go!

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