Life After Rehab: Aftercare & Continued Recovery

It’s also good to maintain a healthy sleeping pattern. Be truthful about the ups and downs of your journey and make sure your loved ones can truly see that you mean what you say. But, practicing patience with yourself and your loved ones will prove to be helpful. Joseph Gilmore has been in the addiction industry for three years with experience working for facilities all across the country. Kindness and compassion to yourself and others is the key to healing ourselves and each other. While you contend with transitioning to restart a new life you’ll have to be strong by saying no to those negative forces. There is a wealth of YouTube videos that you can watch.

How can a person recover from an addiction?

  1. Admit There Is A Problem. The hardest part to recovery is admitting you have an addiction.
  2. Reflect On Your Addiction.
  3. Seek Professional Support.
  4. Appreciate The Benefits of Sobriety.
  5. Evidence-Based Care.
  6. Identify Your Triggers.
  7. Change Your Environment.
  8. Exercise.

Their adult child may still lie and steal from them despite the help that the parents have provided since they’re compelled to feed their addiction. In the beginning, life after recovery can feel strange. You likely used to spend the majority of your days drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs, which didn’t leave much time to do other things. We publish material that is researched, cited, edited and reviewed by licensed medical professionals.

Follow healthy nutrition

When you’re in recovery, you need to learn to use your core values and trust your own judgment again. Sometimes, people forget they are able to make positive decisions for themselves because they get caught up in the drama of their addicted life. Rebuilding your life after addiction also includes returning to a full and satisfying social life without substances. If every party, every gathering and every event in your past life involved drugs or alcohol, it may feel weird at first to join in the festivities without a drink in your hand. If someone is still using drugs or alcohol, they may not be a good influence on you. The may still be stuck in the old mental mindset that you’re trying to leave behind. It’s important to find sober friends who don’t take drugs or drink alcohol in order for you to keep your recovery going strong.

Tips For Rebuilding Your Life After Addiction

Trust is something that must be earned and that makes it even harder to regain. 96 percent of people who volunteered believed it enhanced their sense of purpose in life. We often underestimate how much language affects our self-perceptions. It’s easy to slip into defeatist language and bring yourself down without even intending to.


You may feel hopeful about your new life after completing your first 30, 60 or 90 days in recovery. Suddenly, life without drugs and alcohol not only seems possible, but like it might be fun, too. If you or someone you know is suffering from low self-esteem and addiction and could benefit from treatment, contact what is an oxford house us today. Setting goals and then achieving them can be a great way to give yourself a sense of purpose. It doesn’t matter how big or small the goals that you set for yourself are, achieving these goals can give you a sense of worth accomplishment. This, in turn, can help you start rebuilding confidence.

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A common question many people in recovery from drugs get asked is “Why can’t you have a drink?” or “If alcohol wasn’t your drug of choice why can’t you drink?”. Drugs and alcohol helped me escape the realities and responsibilities of life for a short period of time. The problem is once the drugs and alcohol wear off, all those same problems and issues are still there, except now they are worse because of my drug use. When we try to fill this void with a relationship we are just substituting one addiction for another and not getting to the root of the problem.

Repairing Relationships In And After Addiction Recovery

Remember to stay hydrated by drinking lots of water and try not to have too much coffee. A healthy diet, over time, will also increase your energy levels, immune system, appearance, and your feeling of well-being. Your future health, sobriety, and happiness are more important than sentimentality. Now is the time to branch out and create a network of sober friends that can support you through the rough times and celebrate with you on the other side.

What are the 4 stages of the addiction cycle?

There are four levels of addiction: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. We will discuss each level in-depth and provide tips for overcoming addiction. Most people who try drugs or engage in risky behaviors don't become addicted.

You then approach those people and ask for forgiveness. It’s a difficult aspect of recovery, but you may have to cut ties with those people with who you used to drink or take drugs. When you are stronger then it may be possible to engage with these people again.

Repair Relationships Affected by Your Addiction

Every example listed above on ways to improve your self-esteem is predicated on you doing things in order to improve it. Thus, you need to know that you have the ability to succeed in achieving the goals of rebuilding confidence and developing higher self-esteem. As an industry professional JourneyPure has become one of my most trusted resources. I cannot recommend JourneyPure at the River enough for those struggling with addiction.

  • Family may also open their doors and guest rooms to you.
  • Taking care of your body and mind is the best way to prevent a relapse.
  • They are headed in the complete opposite direction to where you want to go.
  • No amount of sentimentality is worth your sobriety, your health, and happiness in the years ahead.
  • In order to continue with a successful recovery, however, it’s also important to get real about sobriety.

You need to put down deep roots in recovery, give yourself time to grow, and then your many branches or relationships can strengthen and support others. Give yourself that time in recovery and your relationships will blossom. Avoid old friends who are still using drugs or alcohol, as well as people who tend to trigger your emotions or cravings to use. They’ll give you the time and space you need for recovery.

How Can Improving My Self-Esteem Help With My Recovery?

Aspects of your physical, mental, and spiritual recovery are discussed, including healing relationships, taking better care of yourself, and finding new ways of living. Relationships after drug rehab may be strained, especially if you’ve hurt those closest to you by your drug addiction. You may need to find a place to live, or you may need to return to school, find a new job, and discover new ways to spend your time. Intense counseling and learn how to live brand new lifestyles.

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